Frozen Yogurt and Berry Terrine

Berry Terrine

Frozen Yogurt and Berry Terrine is a perfect dessert for those hot summer days. It can be made one week ahead of time before serving. Keep the leftovers in a plastic bag and freeze.

What you will need:

•  Fresh strawberries, sliced thinly into rounds
•  Strawberry frozen yogurt, softened
•  Fresh blueberries
•  Shelled raw pistachios
•  Vanilla (or other flavour) frozen yogurt, softened
•  Fresh mint leaves or parsley (optional)

The measurements are really up to you. It will depend on your pan. You can also add as much fruit as you desire and switch pistachios with pecans or other nuts.

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Stanley Kubrick @ Tiff

Stanley Kubrick

Go check out the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at tiff. You will get to see a lot of his archived drawings and scripts, rare photographs, letters and uncompleted projects.

Some of the props were original, which was a treat since he used to burn the props after each movie was completed. You’ll see ‘Starchild’ from “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the original dresses of the ghostly sisters from “The Shining”, the ‘Born to Kill’ helmet of Private Joker from “Full Metal Jacket”, and the authentic model of the ‘War Room’ in “Dr. Strangelove” are just a few of the many pieces on display.

Francis Bacon and Henry Moore @ AGO

bacon and moore

Last week I went to see the “Francis Bacon and Henry Moore: Terror and Beauty” exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The exhibit brings together two giants of 20th-century British art including more than 130 artworks, such as paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs.

Their work represents their confinement and angst during the Second World War. It also demonstrates how the two artists reflected differently upon all the torment. However, they both concentrated mostly on eyes, flesh and bones.

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