ZEO – Beyond Alcohol


Picture taken from ZEO’s website

ZEO is a non-alcoholic adult beverage and it has been introduced in the UK this summer. It originates from Netherlands and is produced by Freedrink Ltd. The researchers have spent 4 years blending a variety of natural extracts and essences to create ZEO.

This drink is known to change your mood by triggering all your senses with tingly, zingy, fizzy sensorial effects and spicy, zesty, peppery, gingery, exotic flavours.

ZEO is also very low in calories. Only 38 calories per bottle! It was designed to be drunk straight with ice but you can also mix it with other cocktails.

I will definitively be trying ZEO, once we have it here in Canada. For now you can get it at the Drink Shop.

Will you be trying it? Do you believe it can change your mood?

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