VIP Cinema Experience – worth it or not?

VIP Cinemas

Last Friday night I went to see Gravity in 3D at the Varsity Cinema. I decided to try the VIP cinema experience. Was it worth it?

Well… it was a nice experience but not one I would repeat.

The VIP rooms are small and set only 38 people in a type of “love seat” configuration, so have fun going alone – you will look like an outcast.

The chairs are comfy and reclining but I wouldn’t call it “luxurious” seating. The view is still obstructed in some seats and the screen could be a little bigger.

The option of ordering food and (alcoholic) drinks from your seat is more of a novelty than a necessity and I would have been just as happy going to the concession stand. Oh, and did not like their popcorn – it tasted stale.

By the way – don’t forget to tip!

In conclusion, if you have the money to throw away –  I say go for it.
If not – don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much.

As for the movie, Gravity needs to be seen on the bigscreen in 3D. It was absolutely incredible and breath-taking. It will be the closest you will ever get to space.

Happy movie watching!

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