AAA Bar – Texas Style BBQ Restaurant

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Triple A

photo taken from their website

I am always on the look out for a new BBQ place so I made sure to head over to Triple A just about a month after it opened. Having BBQ this close to home could be really dangerous. The fact that it is also Texas themed with a Canadian flare was also intriguing.

Now I have one benchmark when it comes to BBQ. The holy grail (at least for Ontario) is Buster Rhino. I don’t want to get into a flame war over what is authentic and what is not and this review is not about that.

So we headed in around 8:00 pm and the place was empty but it looked like some regulars had already claimed their seats at the bar. The restaurant itself is very charming and really does bring a rustic Texas country feel. Everything is in wood and the lighting is dim and comfortable. You do get the smell of smoke in the air, which is pretty good considering they don’t do meat smoking on site.


Once seated, and although the place was still quite empty it took some time to get a drink.  Then it took some time to get the menus. This would be a common theme of the night, but I blame it more on the lack of staff and working out the kinks. Within an hour the place was packed and they were overwhelmed. The service when available was courteous, cute and friendly.

I can already say I have to venture back for another visit as the only item I tried were the ribs. For me that can make or break a place. So we each got an order of smoked dry ribs.  It comes with one side and two slices of white texas toast. The coleslaw was played safe and they could have upped the portion a little bit more. The ribs were quite large and you get a half rack with the order. For $15.00 I think this was getting a bit on the steep side.  Thankfully though they were very good. There was detection of a smoke ring but under the lighting it was tough to tell. The rub adhered nicely to the bark and the ribs, while very moist left enough of a chew. We opted for the squeeze bottle of BBQ sauce, which worked out quite well in adding a little more tang. For someone really hungry though they may be craving more. Perhaps having some rib sizing options could be a good idea.

AAA ribs

I can’t comment on the desserts as we weren’t presented with a menu. So the dessert was going to be some Bourbon. The bar stocks a decent amount of various bourbons and another idea may be to offer flights.

Overall, I think Triple A has some potential. It’s been only opened a month, so they are still working things out. The group of about 30 people who walked in didn’t help with the chaos of already packed restaurant with only 2 servers and 1 bartender.

Next time will be the brisket and another round of ribs.

138 Adelaide St East, Toronto
416 850 2726

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