The Blake House

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One of my favorite patios in summer time is the Blake House Restaurant/Pub. It is one of the last standing heritage structures in Toronto mixing late 19th century Victorian and Second Empire architecture.

Blake House

The service and food is always excellent for a pub and the price is pretty fair too. Everything I ordered so far was really tasty. My friends love the place too. One of my favorite appetizer that I seem to order over and over again is the baked brie cheese platter with sweet pear relish, spiced almonds, crostini and a red wine reduction. It is great for sharing too!

Baked Cheese

Me eating baked cheese

Me stuffing my face with the baked cheese!

For all the chili-heads out there you have to try their suicide chicken wings! Best in the city and super hot, so if you’re a light-weight, order medium!

Chicken Wings

I’m not a beer drinker, so I love their spicy caesar (great for hangovers) or their lime margarita (very refreshing).
Lime Margarita

My other tested out recommendations:

  • Veggie Samosa
  • Spring Rolls
  • Blake House Nachos “Irish Style”
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Blake’s Baked Mac and Cheese
  • Filet of Salmon
  • House Battered Fish and Chips

5 thoughts on “The Blake House

  1. The Blake House easily has some of the best wings in the city. Like you said their Roasted Habanero wings are for real chili-heads cause they are packing some serious scoville heat. Not only that, their wings are grilled!
    Nice and cozy place in winter time with the wood burning fire place!

  2. Now what exactly is an “Irish Style” nacho? After living in Ireland for 32 beers… I mean… years… I can’t ever remember seeing any over there… course.. there’s a lot I don’t remember about living in Ireland…. just remember waking up with a lot of headaches….. Awesome blogs, keep them up! Oh and I remember Anthony was a bit of a hot wing eater (didn’t he win a compo eating them before?) Think you can get him to recommend a good hot sauce?

    • Hey Ian!
      Good to hear from you! I think if you live in Ireland the nachos are automatically Irish, no? So no need to call them Irish ;) Yep, he did win!

    • Heya Ian! See if you can track down Blair’s Pure Death sauce. One of the best ever made. If that isn’t available, any thing else in the Blair’s line is really good!

      • Awesome, thanks for that Anthony. Been loving the “Ghost Pepper” flakes on burgers and nacho’s, time to kick it up a notch!

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