My Top 10 Vodkas

Some people are wine snobs, some are scotch connoisseurs, and some like their whiskey. Well, if you ask my friends they will tell you that I like my vodka. After all I’m Polish!

So what makes a great vodka you ask?

There are few important factors when it comes to a premium vodka:

  1. Quality of ingredients, such as grains, potatoes, grass, grapes, etc.
  2. Purity of water
  3. Distillation – more repeated distillation doesn’t make a vodka better. It’s the continuous distillation, that makes vodka pure.
  4. Smooth sipping
  5. No harsh aftertaste
  6. Clean aroma

Here’s my top 10 vodkas:

1. Sobieski
#1 premium vodka in Poland. Named after King Jan III Sobieski, who is regarded as the last great King of Poland.
Origin: Poland

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My Top 10 80’s Romance Movies

There was no time like the 80’s, especially the cheesy teen romance flicks. Where did it go? Oh yeah, it’s all about texting and the internet now…. how impersonal. Same with today’s romance movies – pretty pathetic.

Perhaps I am just being nostalgic but those days really speak to me. That’s why I keep going back to the 80’s. I can watch those movies over and over again. So if you feel like bringing some retro romance back, watch one of these below.

  1. Sixteen Candles
  2. Pretty in Pink
  3. Say Anything
  4. Can’t Buy Me Love
  5. The Sure Thing
  6. Overboard
  7. Casual Sex?
  8. Dirty Dancing
  9. Loverboy
  10. Mannequin

What are your top 10?

My Top 10 Horror Movies

I’m a big fan of horror movies. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch any kind but if I had to pick only one genre to watch for the rest of my life, it would be horror.

Here’s my Top 10:

  1. Martyrs (Unrated)
  2. In My Skin
  3. Feed
  4. Frontier(s)
  5. I Spit on Your Grave
  6. Inside
  7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  8. The Hills Have Eyes
  9. The Descent
  10. The Exorcist (The Version You’ve Never Seen)

What are your top 10?

Other recommendations:

Castle Freak
High Tension
The People Under the Stairs
The Girl Next Door
The Devil’s Rejects
House of 1000 Corpses
Wrong Turn, Part 1
Mother’s Day
Cold Fish
The House of the Devil
The Human Centipede