Bestellen – restaurant review

It was around 11:00 at night and since none of us wanted to go home yet we decided to drop by Bestellen for some drinks.  It also helped that the place was right across the street from the concert we went to.


Unfortunately the kitchen was closed but they were happy to mix our small group some delicious drinks. Shame, as we were starting to get a little hungry and their menu looked incredible! No wonder they made the Best Steakhouses in Toronto list.

Note that like some of the other restaurants I have written about, Bestellen caters more to carnivores than vegetarians. In fact if you are squeamish you may not want to peer into the meat locker located right in the middle of the restaurant. The decor is rustic, and the lighting very subdued. It was cozy but not in the cottage type of way.

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My Top 10 Vodkas

Some people are wine snobs, some are scotch connoisseurs, and some like their whiskey. Well, if you ask my friends they will tell you that I like my vodka. After all I’m Polish!

So what makes a great vodka you ask?

There are few important factors when it comes to a premium vodka:

  1. Quality of ingredients, such as grains, potatoes, grass, grapes, etc.
  2. Purity of water
  3. Distillation – more repeated distillation doesn’t make a vodka better. It’s the continuous distillation, that makes vodka pure.
  4. Smooth sipping
  5. No harsh aftertaste
  6. Clean aroma

Here’s my top 10 vodkas:

1. Sobieski
#1 premium vodka in Poland. Named after King Jan III Sobieski, who is regarded as the last great King of Poland.
Origin: Poland

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ZEO – Beyond Alcohol


Picture taken from ZEO’s website

ZEO is a non-alcoholic adult beverage and it has been introduced in the UK this summer. It originates from Netherlands and is produced by Freedrink Ltd. The researchers have spent 4 years blending a variety of natural extracts and essences to create ZEO.

This drink is known to change your mood by triggering all your senses with tingly, zingy, fizzy sensorial effects and spicy, zesty, peppery, gingery, exotic flavours.

ZEO is also very low in calories. Only 38 calories per bottle! It was designed to be drunk straight with ice but you can also mix it with other cocktails.

I will definitively be trying ZEO, once we have it here in Canada. For now you can get it at the Drink Shop.

Will you be trying it? Do you believe it can change your mood?