Cannibal Corpse at the Phoenix – May 31st concert review

Just like Slayer and Gwar, Cannibal Corpse are one of those bands you have to see live. Even if it’s just to see George “Corpsegrinder” Fischer headbanging antics. Seriously, it is almost hypnotizing. No wonder the guy has such a freaking huge neck. His chiropractor must be a pretty rich guy!

Like all Inertia shows, this one went off like clockwork. To boot, the sound was really good too.

We wanted to get there in time for Immolation but just missed them by a few minutes. We snagged some good seats up top and enjoyed Napalm Death’s set. All the people in attendance seemed to enjoy it too.

By the way, for some of you who don’t know, Napalm Death is in the Guinness Book of Records for having the shortest song in the world! It’s called “You Suffer” and it’s precisely 1.316 seconds long. Here it is!

Cannibal Corpse took the stage right around 11:00 and for over an hour they punished the crowd with an intense set of their greatest hits. The brutality and technicality of their art was outstanding and George was very entertaining and interacted with the crowd in between the songs. He even took requests!

I also bought one of their shirts, which I wore to the mall one day. Wow, I got so many dirty looks, like I was some evil person. People – it’s just a shirt…. relax!

Cannibal Corpse

Lycia – darkwave music review


Lycia is a darkwave/gothic band that was formed in 1988, Tempe, Arizona by Mike VanPortfleet and Tara Vanflower, who later got married to each other. The band was named after an ancient region of Anatolia, which is no surprise since VanPortfleet holds a degree in cultural geography.

Although only achieving minor cult success, the band is notable for being one of the ground breaking groups in darkwave and ethereal wave styles.

Lycia’s music is filled with rich soundscapes, layers of guitars, dark, ethereal keyboards, doomy drum machine beats, VanPortfleet’s melancholic, whispered vocals and Vanflower’s echoed, distant voice. Trent Reznor and Peter Steele are some of their more well-known fans.

Porcelain Raft – music review

Last weekend I watched The Collection, which by the way if you’re a horror fan it’s a must-see, but first watch The Collector. Anyhow, during the opening credits a song caught my attention. It was Talk To Me by Porcelain Raft.

Porcelain Raft

Porcelain Raft was created by Mauro Remiddi, an Italian-born singer/songwriter, who currently lives in New York City. The bedroom shoegaze artist got his start composing the soundtrack for the short film La Matta dei Fiori in 1997.

On his latest album Strange Weekend, you can hear layers of sonic haze and strummed acoustic guitar patterns. Remiddi’s music is dreamy and hypnotizing with abstracted and distant voices. A truly great find. Go check it out!

Anna Varney -the Voice & Soul behind Sopor Aeternus

Anna Varney

Anna Varney Cantodea is the voice and soul behind Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows, who cannot simply be summed up in one blog post. Rather take this as a basic primer into entering her tortured yet beautiful world.

Every nuance of every release — from the first note to the last — to the visuals, poetry and quality, that goes into each piece of art is second to none. I don’t even think another artist like her exists on this planet.

Her back catalogue spans three decades and each piece of art released is a journey into her transformation.

Again a simple blog post cannot do her justice. It is something that you have to willingly experience for yourself.

So take this journey, that is scary and harrowing but at the same time enlightening.

Sopor Aeternus

About Sopor Aeternus. Picture taken from