Amaluna Cirque du Soleil – Toronto Show Review


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Amaluna by Cirque du Soleil is loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, that serves as a vessle for the story progression more than anything else. It is about a mysterious island governed by Goddesses and guided by the cycles of the moon. Seventy per cent of the cast are all women.

Amaluna was stunning and breathtaking. All Cirque du Soleil shows are amazing and should not to be missed. That being said I have to throw in some comparisons that will hopefully add some context.

OVO is all about the insects’ world. The moment you walk into the Grand Chapiteau you feel like you are in a rainforest. The show is a dream-like experience and it is one of their best shows. You are in a state of awe the whole time and once it’s over you have to wake yourself up to come back to reality.

After OVO came TOTEM. The show is about the human journey. It is spectacular in its feats and all the acts are overwhelming and at times even scary to watch. Who knew, that humans can move like that!

Amaluna didn’t excel at either of these. The cast played it safe and delivered a solid night of entertainment without going over the top. Too much dancing, jumping and clowning around. I wanted to see more tricks!

However, there were three notable exceptions.

The first one was the Balance Goddess. She was mind-blowing and the entire audience was in sync with her and became part of the routine, which had to be seen to be believed. The tent was silent and time stopped as we watched the Balance Goddess starting with the smallest rib-like bone and continuing to balance larger and larger bones. The finale was almost anti-climatic as the whole thing came crashing down when she removed the smallest bone from the beginning.

Balance Goddess

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