Cabbagetown Festival

Cabbagetown Festival happens every year and for the past few years it seemed to be the same old with nothing new to offer. This year though it was quite the surprise! New vendors, new energy and a lot to see and do.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we strolled through the park admiring some really amazing art work. I would like to mention some of the artists on here as I feel they really stood out from the rest. Please visit and share their websites.

The first artist, who really stood out to me was Floyd Elzinga. His work was breathtaking and unlike nothing I have ever seen before.

Floyd Elzinga

Floyd Elzinga

He explores traditional metal working techniques to create textures, colors and depth the same way a painter would use a paintbrush. Current themes in his work focus on broken landscapes, portraits of trees and the aggressive nature of seeds.

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