Riverside Public House – review

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The Riverside Public House used to be the Blue Moon Pub. Stripping down to a minimalist approach with lots of brick and wood and a decent lighting, the atmosphere was great for couple of friends and a conversation.

The greatest thing Riverside Public House has going for itself is their barstools. Quite possibly some of the most comfortable seating! However, I wish I could say the same about the food… BIG disappointment!

Let’s start with their Caesar. The execution was top notch. On the surface the Caesar looked like it could have been a winner in the city but after the first few sips it was missing something. All the prerequisite ingredients were there but yet it lacked that punch. And that was the common theme of the night.

RPH Caesar

There is a decent craft beer list but a pint of PBR for $7 is insane. It’s clear that the owners know who their clientele are making the exodus from Parkdale and Queen West.

The fish – perch with citrus and avocado ($20) was disgusting. There was an overly fishy taste that the kitchen staff tried to cover with an extra blast of lemon. You can’t fool a fish lover with some fish that’s not at its prime. When a fish tastes fishy – most likely it’s old or spoiled! Shame on you RPH!!!

RPH Fish

RPH Fish

The fried chicken ($14) tasted like KFC chicken – oh actually, I take it back. The KFC chicken is way better!!!! The only good food that night were their rosemary fries.

RPH fried chicken

RPH fried chicken

We wanted to order a dessert but nothing stood out to us, so we passed.

Anyhow, I definitely won’t be going back there but if you feel like having some bad food and paying big bucks – go for it!

Riverside Public House
725 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON

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