Queen Video – Toronto’s Best Video Store

Queen Video

The days of Blockbuster and Rogers Video have come and gone but that doesn’t mean that the local institution of the video store is dead. In fact far from it. Just like LPs have maintained an underground market and niche amongst collectors, the well stocked catalogue of Toronto’s best video stores will continue to thrive.

You may have recently read my top 10 horror movies. Well most of them were rented from Queen Video. I have had a membership for years and it is my number one go to place in the city. Not only do they have what I am looking for, they actually have one of North America largest selection of titles and are consistently rated the best in the city.

Queen Video movies

Inside Queen Video

With a highly knowledgable and friendly staff, they are sure to pick out a hidden gem for you or find that obscure title that netflix doesn’t seem to carry.

Next time you are close to any of their stores, pop in and look around.

Queen (412 Queen W) 416-504-3030
Bloor (480 Bloor St. W) 416-588-5767
College (688 College St.) 416-532-0555

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