Qsine – out of this world restaurant


I’ve recently came back from a cruise and if you’re a fan of cruises, especially the Celebrity lines, you have to check out one of their specialty restaurants – Qsine.

It’s out of this world!

This place will take you on a culinary journey and will awaken the foodie in you.

When I first walked in, I felt like I was at a Cirque du Soleil inspired restaurant. The decor was charming and unique, the music was hypnotizing, and the mood was magical.

First of all, when they gave me the food menu it came on an iPad. How cool is that?! Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the menu. Oh well….

qsine menu

That night we ordered 16 dishes to try but we could only finish 12. Every single dish was artsy, delicious, and sometimes we were even told how to eat it and with what. I must say, it definitely was a journey but instead of talking about it I will take you on a visual journey. Just one warning before we start – you might get hungry!

Soup and Souffle

Soup and Souffle (Yellow Corn – Tomato Basil – Celery & Green Pea Hot Souffle – Crab & asparagus – Lobster & hollandaise – Cheddar cheese)

Taco Royale

Taco Royale (Black Angus Sirloin Steak home made Tacos Caramelized Onion-Poblano, Cilantro & Mortar Pestle Guacamole)


Making my very first guacamole and it was yummy!

Sushi Lollipops

Sushi Lollipops – best sushi I have ever had!!!

Painters Mignon

Painters Mignon – I have never painted my own filet mignon before.

Lava Crab

Lava Crab (Alaskan King Crab Sweet yellow corn & scallions Kataifi with Old-bay lobster sauce) This crab melted in your mouth.

Persian Kebob

Persian Kebob (Skewered Chicken breast Garlic and spices with Vegetables, Saffron Rice-Pilaf & Tooni Sauce)

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal (Chicken Tikka Masala – Rogan josh – palak paneer – malai kofte – chole, veggie samousa – shrimp vindaloo)

What am I holding in my hand you ask?

Rubik's Cube

It’s a Rubik’s Cube, the dessert menu. You had to find all different kind of desserts. It was clever fun. I got the Surprise Dessert, which was…

Surprise Dessert

Rice pudding with gelato. To diet for!

And last but not least…

Cheesecake Tini - mmm creamy goodness!

Cheesecake Tini

Bon Appétit!

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