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This past weekend the weather was beautiful here in Toronto, so we took a road trip down to Niagara-on-the-Lake, where we were meeting some friends and going for the Ghost Walk in the evening.

We got there late afternoon so we had some time to take in a few shops and have a bite to eat at the Irish Harp Pub (read the review). Then we went for some ice cream at the Cows, which was delicious!

Irish Harp Pub

In front of the Irish Harp Pub

I will definitively go back but you have to get there early to explore all the Niagara-on-the-Lake’s hidden gems. 8:30 p.m. was fast approaching, so we started heading back for our Ghost Walk. Yay! How exciting!!!

Haunted Shop

The Haunted Shop & Ghost Walks

We all met at their Haunted Shop, which was one of the cutest shops I have seen. I could spend hours in there.

Baby Movie

The tour itself is a guided walk throughout the city and takes about an hour and half. You get to hear the history and the ghost stories of each place. Our tour guide, Sir Bob, did a very good job and seemed very knowledgable.

One of the highlights was a house not on the regular path and supposedly so creepy that even the tour guide won’t go near it. So what do we do? Yes, we decided to walk there after the tour was finished. Once we got there, the setting was pretty creepy, especially with the abandoned well in the back of the house. The house itself was dilapidated, the windows were covered with wooden board and across the street from it was a cemetary.

Whether it is really haunted – I don’t know. We didn’t see any ghosts but I guess you will have to go and find out for yourself.


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