Museum Tavern – restaurant review

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Museum Tavern is a cross between a pub and french bistro. With comfy banks and warm lighting the whole space is very warm and inviting. I could even say romantic. For all you star gazers note that during film festivals this could be one of the new celebrity hot spots! Even that same night, we were sitting next to David Cronenberg, who directed movies such as Crash, The Fly, Eastern Promises and much more. With its close proximity to the Cumberland Street, the swanky hotels and shopping, this is the perfect place to sit down, grab a drink and a bite to eat.

The drink focus is on bourbon, vodka and gin. With a blend of tinctures, bitters, syrups they are sure to have you covered with exploring something new. Since they didn’t have a traditional Caesar on the menu I opted for the Bloody Mary. While lacking the classic Clamato it was still spiced nicely and very enjoyable.

We skipped the appetizers, although there were a lot of good options to consider.

For the mains, the filet of Arctic char over lentils and kale with a grapefruit glaze ($24) was delicious. It was refreshing to see it was a substantial piece of fish. Most restaurants would have split this filet and served it as two mains. It was fresh, cooked perfectly and hit the spot.

Arctic Char

The double burger with cheese ($16) was mouth-watering! This burger is the thick patty type, cooked to your desired preference. Served with incredible shoestring fries and serving of a well-balanced vinegar slaw.

Museum Tavern Burger

Within minutes we had devoured everything. The food was outstanding.

The dessert consisted of 5 little doughnuts and some butterscotch cream with a cookie base in a cup ( $11). It was ok but wouldn’t get it again.

Museum Tavern Doughnuts

Overall, the food, drinks, service and ambience were top-notch. Just remember to make reservations on the weekend!
208 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, On

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