Louis Cifer – review


Louis Cifer …say that few times fast. What do you get? Lucifer :)

Louis Cifer is a real name and the ominous facade on the Danforth is fitting.

This brewpub is brought to us by the same owner of Stout. With Halloween around the corner and a chilly fall day what could be better?



The space is huge yet inviting. Lots of wood and banquets as well as the brewery housed inside. Beer aficionados will definitely find this place to be a true destination.


American Gothic beer

The food is not to be looked past. The Duck ‘n’ Waffle (crispy confit duck leg, buttermilk waffle, sunny side up duck egg, creamy coleslaw and maple mustard beer syrup) was a splurge moment of deliciousness. Every bite was savory and complimented by each component.

Duck 'n' Waffle

Duck ‘n’ Waffle

We also had their chicken wings. 1.2lbs per order. They were massive.  Duff’s take note, you Armageddon wings cannot touch the heat level of these. We had the second hottest “Suicide isn’t Painless” and they were scorching. Full on ghost peppers. Their hottest “Death by Chocolate” has the infamous Carolina Reaper. We tried it and were thankful not to order it.


Suicide isn’t Painless – chicken wings

Service was top notch and the price point is on par with other gastropubs. I can see it getting loud in the evenings but I guess that’s the point.

Definitely worth checking out. I will be going back.

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