Keg Mansion Seance

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Keg Mansion Seance

We had the opportunity awhile back to attend a seance at the Keg Mansion. Whether you believe in this stuff or not it was an extremely entertaining and memorable evening.

There were 40 tickets available at $80 per person and they were gone in moments. The price included dinner and the seance so it was quite reasonable. For those who don’t know, the Keg Mansion is one of the most haunted places in the city. You can read some of the information about it on

Note that the 3rd floor has never been open to the public until the seance.

Keg Mansion Upstairs Room

So after delicious dinner a group of 10 people went upstairs. We were in the first group. I have to say it was pretty amazing seeing the eclectic group of people who attended this.  You had your hardcore ghost hunters that came with all their own gadgets (EVPs, Infrared Sensors, etc…) as well as skeptics and few couples on dates.

The third floor was not what we expected. It was musty like an attic with one room that was made into an office, another was made into a storage and there was also an unused kitchen that we had no entry to. It was dark and we had about half hour to roam around and take pictures on our own.

Keg Mansion Upstairs

Keg Mansion 3rd Floor

Once we entered the seance room, there was a table set up with items that used to belong to the original owners of the house (The Massey’s) and around the table were all sorts of cameras, sensors, radios, camera crews….the works. It felt like being on one of those paranormal reality shows.

Massey's Belongings

So the lights go off and the main person putting on the event starts to try channeling spirits. Yes, there were noises, voices on the radio, especially of a little boy calling his mom over and over again, and a strong smell of someone smoking his tobacco pipe (Sir Hart Massey was a big tobacco smoker).

So throughout the evening we took hundreds of photographs. Many photos were taken just seconds apart of each other at different angles. We reviewed them all carefully. Only one photo had someone in it. It looks like a woman dressed in a periodic outfit.

What do you think?

Keg Mansion Ghost


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