Hrvati – Croatian bar review

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Hrvati Bar

Hrvati Bar had a lot going against it even before we walked in. Having grown up in a house where my father is a trained chef from Dubrovnik and having had enough schnitzel and chevapi on my dozen trips to Croatia I have pretty keen sense on what authentic Croatian food is.

Welcome to Hrvati

Based on what I read online I was expecting the place to be much bigger than it was.  There is one huge communal table that dominates the middle of the room and about a half dozen smaller tables at the front.

Hrvati Portraits

Hrvati Art

The beer list is impressive. We opted for Karlovacko, which is little tougher to get than Ozujsko (which they were sold out of). It was served nice and cold.


Shawn sipping his beer

For dinner I went with the Croatian burger just for the nostalgia and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Instead of one huge patty it was two thin patties with some lettuce, tomato, pickle, and mayo. I know it sounds pretty mainstream, but with the unique bun and spices it was a throwback to those quick dinners at the Adriatic Sea. Burger purists may shun this but it was absolutely delicious. It came with a side of fries, which reminded me of Starfish.  And if you recall the previous Starfish review, these fries are some of the best in the city! A word of warning that the garlic ailio will give you dragon breath.

Hrvati Burger

Hrvati Burger

Shawn went with the ‘unofficial’ national dish of Croatia, chevapi. These are like mini burgers stuffed with onions and then grilled up. As soon as they arrived at the table I could tell by the smell they were the real deal. Shawn burping them up the rest of the night further sealed that!

Hrvati Chevapi

Hrvati Chevapi

Prices are fair and service was great. Outside of a Polish restaurant in Mississauga that will get a write up soon, this is some of the best Eastern European food in the city. Can’t wait to go back!

Hrvati Bar
690 Euclid Ave, Toronto
P: 647 350 4227

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