Hanzel und Gretyl – Toronto Concert Review at Hard Luck Bar

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Hanzel und Gretyl

Photo of Hanzel und Gretyl taken from their website

This was my 3rd time seeing Hanzel und Gretyl live. The show took place at the Hard Luck Bar and hard luck it definitely was last evening. As usual we were all pretty excited to see Hanzel und Gretyl but the whole night turned out to be a big mess! I won’t even get into the first two bands (Schizoid in replacement of Orphan Grinder and Promonium Jesters) as I wasn’t there to see them.

Soulstorm took the stage pretty late (not their fault). They opened up promising but after a couple of tracks it just became monotonous. If their songs had more tempo changes and the stage presence was stronger, I think they would be a sought after opening act for bigger bands coming to Canada.

Up last and super late (1:00 am) were Hanzel und Gretyl. You would think for a band of two people who rely on the press of a button to play their tracks and the numerous tours they’ve done, they would have these things hammered out? But nope! By the time they got going it was too little to late. The sound was still horrendous and the whole thing just lost any zing to it.

The turnout for the show was also pretty miserable and if fault was to be pointed to anyone for all the shortcomings last evening it would be directed right at the promoter of the show Blacktooth Entertainment.

To the fans – consider yourself warned for a rough evening should you see them on your next ticket stub.

To the bands – go with a competent promoter if you want a successful show.

To Hanzel und Gretyl – you guys rock and always give great shows. Last night’s mishaps weren’t your fault and we look forward to your next return under better conditions.

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