GWAR with DevilDriver and Cancer Bats at Sound Academy, Nov. 24, 2012

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Ahhh GWAR….. Either you know them and get them OR you don’t. But what I will say is that just like with Slayer – everyone should see them at least once in their life time. Their shows are legendary and they always deliver!

So lets start the night. We got to the Sound Academy around 8:30 pm and just in time to catch the last half of the local Toronto band Cancer Bats. While not a fan of their fluffy mid tempo hardcore, the already burgeoning crowd was starting to get into it. The highlight of their set was the classic Beastie Boys cover of Sabotage they did with Oderus Urungus.

DevilDriver were up next.

••• But first I have to give a shout out to Noel at Inertia Entertainment for making sure shows always run smooth and on time! •••

While not too familiar with their music, I knew they were going to be heavy. And HEAVY they were. Their whole set was loud, aggressive and had the pit going non-stop. The last song and the circle pit they had going was the biggest I have seen in Toronto! It was a blast watching it all from the balcony, where I felt “safe”.

And then was GWAR! The theme this year was “God and the End of the World” and GWAR fighting back. It was a brutal battle but like always  – GWAR wins! There was blood. Lots and lots of blood…and green stuff from Oderus’ crotch. There was not a single fan soaked in blood (especially the ones dressed all in white) within 20 feet of the stage and they were all proud to show it off. GWAR played hits from most of their catalogue that spoke to the veterans in the crowd as well as their new younger fans.

Crowd in white

Some of the crowd was dressed in all white

It was an hour of mayhem. You didn’t know whether to laugh, cringe, or just rock out.  Either way – you were entertained by what was one of the best live shows seen in Toronto this year. GWAR – you rocked my night!

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