Golden Star – burger joint review

Golden Star

I recently had the chance to go visit the famed Golden Star burger joint. I’m not the biggest burger fan but I know a good one from a bad one.

Golden Star has been an institution since 1964. Just north of Steeles it straddles the border of North York and Thornhill. Walking in is a throw back in history with melmac, plastic baskets for food and cash only. The only thing they are missing are the styrofoam cups.

Golden Star Inside

I went with the homemade burger as this is their signature dish along with some onion rings. I had the burger topped with bacon and cheese along with the standard condiments. First off the onion rings were standard fair. They were a good side but simply frozen and fried. Good yes…great no. As for the burger – it was quite good. But again…not great. Yes it was better than most chains but it didn’t compare to Five Guys.

Golden Star burger

There is an obvious reason that Golden Star has tested time. They feed good burgers and plenty of nostalgia. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood.

7123 Yonge St.
Markham, ON
Tel. (905) 889-6891

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