Fusaro’s Italian Kitchen – a tavola non s’invecchia mai

Fusaro’s Italian Kitchen is an immensely popular lunch destination on Spadina Ave. and Richmond St. but just recently they opened up their new location on Richmond and Sherbourne St.

Before we get into the food I have to give a warning… their food is packed with garlic, so if you’re not a garlic lover – don’t go there.


Their recipes come from the southern regions of Italy and are handed down from generations of family. Their decor is casual, warm, and inviting.


We got the Uno and Cinque paninis.


The Uno panini consisted of spicy soppressata, mortadella, prosciutto, provolone, hot giardeniera and roasted garlic. It was quite spicy and for those who like it hot this should do the trick.


Uno Panini

The Cinque panini consisted of spinach, assorted oven roasted veggies and goat cheese. It was refreshing and light but at the same time comforting and on a bit sweeter side but not too sweet. Perfect for a hot day and for vegetarians.


Cinque Panini

The other thing to take note is that the paninis can get messy, so make sure to grab extra napkins.

Fusaro’s Italian Kitchen is the ideal spot to grab and go with a sandwich and head down to Sugar Beach for an impromptu picnic.

So grab your bike, a blanket and enjoy the day!

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