Electric Mud BBQ – restaurant review

This will probably be my first and last time visiting Electric Mud BBQ¬†and it is not by choice. To snag a seat at the place you basically have to camp out overnight like you are waiting for Justin Bieber tickets. But for all of you who don’t mind waiting, is the wait worth it? Oh ya!

Electric Mud BBQ is brought to you by the same folks who run Grand Electric down the street. It has all the hallmarks of hipster cool with an even more ironic twist of not being overly hipsterish. It’s loud, it’s smokey, it’s packed, and it’s fun. I have to wonder though how the vinyl collection is going to survive the heat of that kitchen.

The whole evening was more like going to a friend’s dinner party rather than a restaurant.

The menu is simple. New takes on old Southern classics. We started off with some hush puppies. These were scorching hot pillows of awesome resting in a sauce that was worthy to drink.

Hush Puppies

Next up followed hot links ($8.50) and coleslaw ($3.50). Not to have the coleslaw as an afterthought, it was a crispy vinegar slaw with some Asian flair thrown in. Portion size could have been a touch bigger for sharing. The hotlinks unfortunately are second star compared to the ribs. But a double portion of these is worth a meal and a visit alone. For those afraid of heat – beware. These hot links packed a fiery kick that was barely tamed by the cool sauce underneath.

Hot Links

Front and centre though are the ribs ($13.50) and the Southern Pride Smoker at the front. While the price may seem steep at first, the three monstrous ribs will quickly make you forget about that. These are incredibly smoked ribs that would probably lose a few points if served simple, but the added peanuts for crunch, the sweet salty sauce and green onions transform these ribs into something out of this world. I can’t make any comparison to other more traditional ribs as that wouldn’t be fair but these are ribs that would top any best ribs list.

Electric Mud Ribs

Dessert was Bullitt. You have the choice of soft serve or banana cream pie, but with an evening full of CCR and ZZ Top, Bullitt seemed appropriate.

If you have the chance and can put up with a wait – run – don’t walk to Electric Mud BBQ.
5 Brock Ave
Toronto, ON
(416) 516-8286

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  1. Love the name! Just a little comment – if they don’t have a website, link to an good review http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/10/1736158/restaurant/Parkdale/Electric-Mud-BBQ-Toronto and connect with other people who are doing your thang ;-) You need to be more connected with your own community as it were. You’ll get way more hits too if you link to other people’s blogs on the same restaurant/topic, etc. and it won’t seem so much like you’re writing into thin air … (At least that’s what I’m hoping moving forward.) It’s a big world but the circles are soooooooooooo small … and with all this information, hard to find ;-) You may already know all of this but I just thought I’d mention ;-) xoxo

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