Doc Wuthergloom’s Haunted Medicine Show – review

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Doc Wuthergloom

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By the time you are reading this the show will be over. But, it’s not too late to mark this event for next year. While trying to reveal as little as possible as just about anything I say can be a major spoiler, I will keep it brief and to the point.

The best thing to do is to go into this knowing as little as possible. The website does just enough to build the anticipation and is the best and only place to check out.

The night we picked was perfect for the show. It was cold, dark and raining, which added to the atmosphere. The show was sold out and the 30 or so people fit just comfortably in the tiny theatre.

Right at 8:00 pm sharp, Dr. Wuthergloom took the stage and for an hour and a half he thrilled and entertained the room. There was not a dull moment for the entire show. The plots and storylines were smooth and seamless. The show was also interactive filled with different tricks. Just like how you don’t want a good book to end, you wanted to see one more act.

For those who paid a little extra, were treated to see the Dime Museum of the Damned! So about a third of the people stayed with Dr. Wuthergloom for a few more stories and tricks.

While the show is PG I wouldn’t recommend it to the little ones, so be wary of that.

This is highly recommended for horror fans, lovers of kitsch, followers of all things odd and bizarre. A tremendous show by Dr. Wuthergloom!

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