Chocolate Avalanche – recipe

Since Christmas is just around the corner, it’s always nice to give something special to your loved ones, that was made by you.

You can give them a canvas painting… or
You can give them handmade jewelry… or
You can give them…

Chocolate Avalanche!!!

Chocolate Avalanche

I’m the worst cook ever, and if I can make it… so can you. Here ‘s what you will need:

• 6 – 100g bars of good quality dark chocolate
• 4 – Crunchie bars
• 2 handfuls of pecans
• 1 handful of pistachios
• coconut sprinkle or whatever else you like (raspberry dust, marshmallows, etc.)
• sprinkle of flaked sea salt


Start by gently toasting your pecans in a dry pan on a medium heat. It’ll only take a few minutes but makes a big difference to their flavour. Put these to one side.

Toasted Pecans

Grab your chocolate and chop it up.


Melt it by using the double boiler method.

Melted chocolate

While it’s melting, chop up your toasted pecans.

Chopped Pecans

Line a large baking sheet with clingfilm.


Roughly chop your Crunchie bars.


When the chocolate is melted, smooth and glossy – throw the Crunchie in.
Mix and pour onto your waiting clingfilm.

Chocolate with Crunchie

Sprinkle over your pecans, pistachios, coconut or whatever else you like.

Sprinkled nuts

Do not skip this step, it makes a tremendous difference to the outcome of your Avalanche: Sprinkle a big pinch of sea salt (this will bring out the sweetness in the dark chocolate and stop it tasting bitter).

Pop it in the fridge until it’s set, which should take about an hour, maybe two.

When it’s done you should have something that looks like this.

Avalanche Pencake

You can now either bring it down with a smash, which will leave you with nice natural chunks of Avalanche, or you can be more systematic and cut it up.

Avalanche chunks

Pile a few pieces into a cellophane wrap and give it to someone special :)


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