Coquine – French restaurant review

Coquine is this really cute French restaurant/bistro located just south of Yonge and Eglinton. The minute you walk in you feel like you’re in France and it has a beautiful French art deco.


First of all I just want to say that the place has one of the most amazing bartenders and their martinis are fantastic! Last night I tried their Caesar for the first time and it was a winner as well! It had just the right amount of everything.

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AAA Bar – Texas Style BBQ Restaurant

Triple A

photo taken from their website

I am always on the look out for a new BBQ place so I made sure to head over to Triple A just about a month after it opened. Having BBQ this close to home could be really dangerous. The fact that it is also Texas themed with a Canadian flare was also intriguing.

Now I have one benchmark when it comes to BBQ. The holy grail (at least for Ontario) is Buster Rhino. I don’t want to get into a flame war over what is authentic and what is not and this review is not about that.

So we headed in around 8:00 pm and the place was empty but it looked like some regulars had already claimed their seats at the bar. The restaurant itself is very charming and really does bring a rustic Texas country feel. Everything is in wood and the lighting is dim and comfortable. You do get the smell of smoke in the air, which is pretty good considering they don’t do meat smoking on site.


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Hrvati – Croatian bar review

Hrvati Bar

Hrvati Bar had a lot going against it even before we walked in. Having grown up in a house where my father is a trained chef from Dubrovnik and having had enough schnitzel and chevapi on my dozen trips to Croatia I have pretty keen sense on what authentic Croatian food is.

Welcome to Hrvati

Based on what I read online I was expecting the place to be much bigger than it was.  There is one huge communal table that dominates the middle of the room and about a half dozen smaller tables at the front.

Hrvati Portraits

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Buster Rhino’s – Authentic Southern BBQ

Buster Rhino's

Buster Rhino’s Southern BBQ makes Ontario’s best BBQ list for a good reason. It is the best! From the ribs which are simply addictive, to the pulled pork, smoked wings and even every side dish they create is pretty much perfect.

Buster Rhino's

The entrance for vegetarians doesn’t open. I thought it was a funny tactic.

Their new restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Oshawa. It is an open, warm spot with rustic touches and the ever present aroma of fresh BBQ. This may be the best thing to happen in downtown Oshawa for some time.

Darryl Koster

Here is the man himself responsible for all this amazing food – Darryl Koster, owner of Buster Rhino’s.

Take a look at these awesome ribs we brought home and heated up.

Buster Rhino's Ribs

So whenever passing through, make sure to stop by any of their locations. Sit down and enjoy, or grab a cooler like we do and stock up!

Buster Rhino’s Locations:

7-2001 Thickson Road S.
Whitby, ON
P (905) 436-6986
30 Taunton Rd. E. Unit 6
Oshawa, ON
P (289) 240-3111
28 King St. E
Oshawa, ON
P (905) 432-8350