Bishop and the Belcher

Bishop and the Belcher

For some reason the Bishop and the Belcher has always remained under the radar in terms having their name thrown out when suggesting a pub\restaurant to hit up. Perhaps they like it that way because the place is almost always packed!

If the name sounds familiar and may you remember it back in the days as one of the best spots on Queen and are wondering what the heck happened to them?

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Jack Astor’s – Yonge Dundas Square

Love it or hate it, Jack Astor’s and its affiliate chains are an institution in our cities. This isn’t a review on the food so much as it is on the space.

Jack Astor's patio

Jack Astor’s at Dundas Square was one of the first restaurants to open up here. And it took us that long to finally get around to actually visiting it.

If you have been to Jack Astor’s before you know what to expect from the food. Foodies shun it and the less adventurous embrace it. I have no complaints and they have been around long enough that some of their classic dishes now fall into comfort food territory.

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The Blake House

One of my favorite patios in summer time is the Blake House Restaurant/Pub. It is one of the last standing heritage structures in Toronto mixing late 19th century Victorian and Second Empire architecture.

Blake House

The service and food is always excellent for a pub and the price is pretty fair too. Everything I ordered so far was really tasty. My friends love the place too. One of my favorite appetizer that I seem to order over and over again is the baked brie cheese platter with sweet pear relish, spiced almonds, crostini and a red wine reduction. It is great for sharing too!

Baked Cheese

Me eating baked cheese

Me stuffing my face with the baked cheese!

For all the chili-heads out there you have to try their suicide chicken wings! Best in the city and super hot, so if you’re a light-weight, order medium!

Chicken Wings

I’m not a beer drinker, so I love their spicy caesar (great for hangovers) or their lime margarita (very refreshing).
Lime Margarita

My other tested out recommendations:

  • Veggie Samosa
  • Spring Rolls
  • Blake House Nachos “Irish Style”
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Blake’s Baked Mac and Cheese
  • Filet of Salmon
  • House Battered Fish and Chips