Origin – restaurant review


picture taken from origintoronto.com

Origin is one of my favourite restaurants. It’s fun, energetic with the most outstanding food, drinks and service. Every time I go there, it’s like a “dinner and a show”, especially when you’re sitting at the chef’s table. Watching them prepare all that spectacular food is amazing. This place is also great if your date is boring – you can always watch the food being prepared just be sure to make reservations at the chef’s table!

First up was the lobster ceviche ($17). A few big chunks of tender lobster with a tangy sauce and some yucu chips. All I needed was a straw so I could suck up all the sauce, it was that delicious.

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Böhmer – restaurant review

You may remember the post I did back this summer on Böhmer. We just happened to walk into the place for a quick drink before a show and by the time we left we were impressed enough to come back for dinner.

For starters I had the grilled calamari. The dish looked like an abstract painting on the plate and it was the best calamari I have ever had up to date. The dish could have used a slice or two of bread to soak up all that deliciousness. Yes, I know you’re not supposed to fill up on bread but this dish just screamed for it. The calamari was grilled to perfection and the accompanying sauce was good enough to lick off the plate.

Grilled Calamari

Grilled Calamari

Anthony as usual had oysters. They were from PEI, shucked cleanly and were all uniform. You can either go one of two ways with oysters. Perfection or dismal. These were on par with some of the best he has had. The standard condiments were there, fresh horseradish, lemon and a raspberry chili vinaigrette.

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Starfish – Seafood Restaurant Review

Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill rates as one of my all time favourites. Whether it’s a casual or romantic dinner out to an evening with family or friends, Starfish has always risen to the occasion. The decor is easy-going, the East Coast charm is relaxing and inviting while the staff is attentive and knowledgable.


The owner, Patrick McMurray, holds the current Guinness Book of World Records for most oysters shucked in 1 minute (33 in total).

Now, the main draw is simply the food. Not just the bivalves on ice but anything on the Ocean Wise supported menu is stellar.

Oh and for all you Caesar lovers, while Starfish may not stuff a Caesar into a full-blown meal, they make one of the best in the city. Perfect in its simplicity.

Tonight we opted for the smoked haddock fishcakes with pata negra sausage $14. Simply amazing!

Haddock Fishcakes

Of course what would dinner be without some oysters. Anthony had the half-dozen shuckers $18. The top two were from Massachusetts and the favourite of the six.  The middle two were from France and making their appearance for the first time in Canada in 6 years. They were a little on the sweeter side but still delicious. The bottom two were from Nova Scotia hit a note balanced in the middle in terms of taste. Not too briny, not too sweet. Just right.

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Red Fish – Seafood Restaurant Review

We caught wind of the Red Fish restaurant just before it was set to open. Being big seafood eaters this hit the mark as a place to check out right away. So just after the first soft opening we made some reservations and waited in anticipation for what Toronto deservedly needs; a seafood specific restaurant.

Red Fish Restaurant

It was going to be an action packed night so we had a 7:00 pm reservation. We were the first ones there but after being seated for 20 minutes the place filled up quickly. While the decor is nothing spectacular, the polished cutlery and heavy linens do add some flare.

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