Louis Cifer – review


Louis Cifer …say that few times fast. What do you get? Lucifer :)

Louis Cifer is a real name and the ominous facade on the Danforth is fitting.

This brewpub is brought to us by the same owner of Stout. With Halloween around the corner and a chilly fall day what could be better?


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Hrvati – Croatian bar review

Hrvati Bar

Hrvati Bar had a lot going against it even before we walked in. Having grown up in a house where my father is a trained chef from Dubrovnik and having had enough schnitzel and chevapi on my dozen trips to Croatia I have pretty keen sense on what authentic Croatian food is.

Welcome to Hrvati

Based on what I read online I was expecting the place to be much bigger than it was.  There is one huge communal table that dominates the middle of the room and about a half dozen smaller tables at the front.

Hrvati Portraits

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