Louis Cifer – review


Louis Cifer …say that few times fast. What do you get? Lucifer :)

Louis Cifer is a real name and the ominous facade on the Danforth is fitting.

This brewpub is brought to us by the same owner of Stout. With Halloween around the corner and a chilly fall day what could be better?


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The Irv Gastro Pub – review

The Irv Gastro Pub

Cabbagetown has quietly started to become a foodie destination. With such established places already, such as House on Parliament and Stout as well as the new and amazing 420 Smokehouse the folks behind The Irv Gastro Pub knew they had to come out swinging to compete. And they did.

In the spot once formerly home to local favourite Jam Café and the short lived Fare Game, The Irv Gastro Pub renovated the place from top to bottom and gave the old school décor a new school vibe.

The restaurant is basically split in two parts: bar at the front and quiet dining in the back. Seating is limited and it is easy to see why it gets packed so quick.

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Bishop and the Belcher – Wing Night Review

A couple months ago Ania wrote a piece on the martini nights at the Bishop and the Belcher. Normally another post on the same place wouldn’t appear so quickly but we were there the other night for their Wednesday Wing Night special and it was so good I thought to give it a write up.

This simply is the best wing night deal in the city. Nothing even comes close. Not only for the value but the wings themselves, which I always say are probably one of the best in the city (and I have eaten a lot of wings around the city). Judging by the crowd it seems to be a pretty fair consensus. We were there for almost two hours and never at any point was there an empty seat in the whole place. It was almost surreal on how the wings were flying out of the kitchen….pun intended.


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Bishop and the Belcher

Bishop and the Belcher

For some reason the Bishop and the Belcher has always remained under the radar in terms having their name thrown out when suggesting a pub\restaurant to hit up. Perhaps they like it that way because the place is almost always packed!

If the name sounds familiar and may you remember it back in the days as one of the best spots on Queen and are wondering what the heck happened to them?

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