GWAR with DevilDriver and Cancer Bats at Sound Academy, Nov. 24, 2012



Ahhh GWAR….. Either you know them and get them OR you don’t. But what I will say is that just like with Slayer – everyone should see them at least once in their life time. Their shows are legendary and they always deliver!

So lets start the night. We got to the Sound Academy around 8:30 pm and just in time to catch the last half of the local Toronto band Cancer Bats. While not a fan of their fluffy mid tempo hardcore, the already burgeoning crowd was starting to get into it. The highlight of their set was the classic Beastie Boys cover of Sabotage they did with Oderus Urungus.

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Angelspit, Cyanotic, MyParasites – concert review at Neu+ral


Not being a fan of Angelspit nor too familiar with their songs, I still wanted to see them as I heard they’re like Gwar, everyone has to see them once.

But let’s back it up.

First band was MyParasites from Philadelphia. I kind of felt bad for them. Their music would have been great if they didn’t have a singer or at least a better singer! At the beginning of their show it was like he was singing to a different song and sounded horrible. By the last few songs he finally caught up to the tempo of their friendly industrial beats. Good for him.

Now, let’s talk about Cyanotic from Chicago. They were awesome! Had no idea what to expect. When you hear metal and industrial as influences the result is usually not good. But wow! They blew me away! In fact they should have been the headliners and were worth the price of entry.


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This was some serious aggressive industrial with a tinge of drum ‘n’ bass, hardcore, grindcore and insanity. Even without their drummer (couldn’t get through the Canadian border) they played so tight and had every beat of their music honed razor sharp. Great stage presence and made my night! Check them out!

And then came Angelspit all the way from Australia. Every song sounded the same. Same tempo, same drum beat, same bad vocals, boring stage presence. That’s pretty much all I have to say about them. I know….it’s sad but true.

My verdict: Cyanotic rules and Angelspit drools.


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Angelspit, Cyanotic, MyParasites
Concert @ Neu+ral
Oct. 19, 2012

Smiling Buddha – bar and concert review

Smiling Buddha Bar

Last Friday, a bunch of us went to the Smiling Buddha Bar. A friend’s band was playing so we wanted to support him as well as check out a new place in Toronto.

The bar itself is a chock full of bric-a-brac but it is still a really charming place. This is more of a local spot rather than a destination spot so I can see why I have never heard of it. True to its name though, there are plenty of smiling buddhas around the place as well as local art for sale lining the walls. The Smiling Buddha Bar can pass as a dive bar but there is something about it that keeps it away from being seedy.

Smiling Buddha Art

Standing by the wall of rather unique art


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Hanzel und Gretyl – Toronto Concert Review at Hard Luck Bar

Hanzel und Gretyl

Photo of Hanzel und Gretyl taken from their website

This was my 3rd time seeing Hanzel und Gretyl live. The show took place at the Hard Luck Bar and hard luck it definitely was last evening. As usual we were all pretty excited to see Hanzel und Gretyl but the whole night turned out to be a big mess! I won’t even get into the first two bands (Schizoid in replacement of Orphan Grinder and Promonium Jesters) as I wasn’t there to see them.

Soulstorm took the stage pretty late (not their fault). They opened up promising but after a couple of tracks it just became monotonous. If their songs had more tempo changes and the stage presence was stronger, I think they would be a sought after opening act for bigger bands coming to Canada.

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