Brown Bag Sandwiches – review

Brown Bag Sandwiches

Brown Bag Sandwiches has been around for a while now. There was a bit of hype over the place when it first opened and now that they are much more seasoned it was time to go check them out and see if they were worth the rep.

The place itself is quite simple in terms of decor. There is a cool old juke box in the corner but in terms of seating it is pretty non-existent. Just like their name entails it’s about brown bagging it, thus it’s for takeout.

Their fried chicken sandwich ($7.50) is one of their most popular sandwiches along with the smoked beef brisketĀ ($7.50). The fried chicken was pretty good. Two deep-fried thin pieces of chicken on a fresh bun more than hit the spot. The bbq beef brisket was also good but there was a little bit of fat in it, therefore the chicken sandwich was much better (unless you like fat).

fried chicken sandwich

Fried Chicken Sandwich

smoked beef brisket

Smoked Beef Brisket

Since they were out of homemade chips we got the fries instead, which were way too greasy. Would not order them again.


The staff was friendly and enthusiastic and made the overall experience pretty good, however I will be skipping this place from now on. There are much better takeout places that I’d rather spend my money on.

Brown Bag Sandwiches
377 Church Street
Toronto ON M5B 1Z9
(Just South of Carlton)
(416) 640-1324

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