Böhmer – Best Drinks in Toronto

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It was a beautiful Saturday night and we decided to take a walk along Ossington Ave. to find a cool bar and have few drinks before our concert. As we got closer to Queen St. we stumbled on Böhmer.


Even though it was packed inside we were seated immediately at the bar. Just like everything else in the room, the bar was huge and over the top. It runs nearly the length of the room and now that we were seated, there were no spots left.

There was a flurry of activity from the bartender in front of us who took multi-tasking to a new level. Like a well trained gymnast with confidence of a conductor, he owned the front section of the bar. It took some time for our drinks to arrive but it didn’t matter. Mike, the bartender (yes we had to find out his name) kept things entertaining with each new concoction. You would never know that for being here only 6 weeks he commandeered the bar like a seasoned veteran.

Bohmer Bar

Oh, and for all you single ladies – this bar had some hot bartenders. Go see for yourself!


Picture taken from boehmer.ca

Bohmer Interior

Picture taken from boehmer.ca

I had the French Martini. One of my favourite martinis and this one was by far the best I have had. It even had fresh blackberries – yummy! We also had the Old Fashioned, which took about 10 minutes to make as well as giving poor Mike carpal tunnel syndrome grinding the orange. The outcome? Of course it was delicious!

French Martini

Me sipping on the most delicious French Martini

It’s not often that you can just go out for a drink and end up with an experience! Knowing what it looks like inside, the drinks that are served and seeing the food that is prepared…we definitely look forward to our next visit to Böhmer.

93 Ossington Ave. (at Queen St W.)
Toronto, ON
Open Tue – Sat from 6:00 pm

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