Bishop and the Belcher – Wing Night Review

A couple months ago Ania wrote a piece on the martini nights at the Bishop and the Belcher. Normally another post on the same place wouldn’t appear so quickly but we were there the other night for their Wednesday Wing Night special and it was so good I thought to give it a write up.

This simply is the best wing night deal in the city. Nothing even comes close. Not only for the value but the wings themselves, which I always say are probably one of the best in the city (and I have eaten a lot of wings around the city). Judging by the crowd it seems to be a pretty fair consensus. We were there for almost two hours and never at any point was there an empty seat in the whole place. It was almost surreal on how the wings were flying out of the kitchen….pun intended.


Check out their nightly specials!

Bishop and the Belcher consistenly do things right. And to consistently get the same size, flavour, texture of wing right for almost 20 years, that’s a testament to a proven track record. It’s like that one dish that your mom makes that only she can do. Yes, lots of restaurants can call the dish by the same name but only your mom gets it right. That’s what runs through my head when I think of wings. Bishop and the Belcher just gets it right. On Wednesday night you better bring an appetite and some friends. 3lbs of wings and a side $2.50 extra (we went with Irish Nacho Fries) is a heck of a lot of food. Note that these aren’t z-grade pizzeria wings but rather very large roaster wings with lots of meat. Outside of a few places I can think of they are probably the biggest, meatiest wings I have seen.  They are siply deep fried to perfection (no breading) and sauced just right. A wet nap is needed at the end but not a bib during the gorge.

Irish Nacho Fries

Irish Nacho Fries

The flavours of which you can choose from run the gamut of what you can expect. I went for the tried and true suicide but I did try a sampling of their new sriracha wings. And ya – that may be the new favourite. Just a bit hotter than suicide but with that addictive sriracha flavouring.

The 3lbs of wings and large plate of Irish Nacho Fries kicked our asses. It was a lot of food.  So be warned when ordering in case your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

Have to give a shout out to bartender Jeff. He recognized Ania from the martini post and we finally had a chance to talk with him. We were able to sample an up and coming new martini (Pulp Fiction) and hear about the scotch tastings that are available. Tonight’s featured scotch was Singleton. Make sure to ask Jeff what he has in store and he will be happy to talk you.


Bishop and the Belcher
175 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON

3 thoughts on “Bishop and the Belcher – Wing Night Review

  1. Ya know, as an Irishman, I would like to object to bars and restaurants serving “Irish Nacho’s” or “Irish Nacho Fries”……… but I can’t because they are just too damn tasty….

    I would also like to point out that if my mum ever tried to make chicken wings, the local fire department would have to be put on standby first.

    Still……… I now want chicken wings…….damn that got me hungry!

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